Op Herrick 16 Archive

UK operations in Afghanistan are conducted under the name Operation HERRICK. Operation HERRICK 16 runs from May 2012 until October 2012. Hear from Soldiers and Officers who took part in the Operation in their own words.


Corporal Georgina Coupe

Corporal Georgina Coupe is the video camerawoman for the British Army’s Combat Camera Team (CCT) based in Afghanistan throughout summer 2012 as part of 12th Mechanized Brigade. The current CCT includes me Corporal Georgina Coupe, camerawoman, Sergeant Andy Reddy, photographer, and our team leader Captain Will Campbell Ricketts. Over the next six months we will be providing video, photographs … Continue reading Corporal Georgina Coupe

One thought on “Op Herrick 16 Archive

  1. Ann Parker says:

    Can someone please tell me where I can find details of some very good comments written about my gt. niece, Lily Davies. I understand she is either a Lance Corporal or a Corporal serving in Afghanistan, and has been praised for her actions when she was in a car which had a bomb underneath.
    Her gt. grandmother told me the comments were on the internet, but she didn’t know the web address.
    I would love to read them.
    Ann Parker


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