Op Herrick 17 Archive

UK operations in Afghanistan are conducted under the name Operation HERRICK.

Operation HERRICK 17 runs from October 2012 until March 2013. Soldiers and Officers will be  blogging from the units that make up 4th Mechanized Brigade (The Black Rats).

Corporal Mike Hubbard

I am an Army reservist, Rifles cap badge and member of the Media Operations Group (Volunteers) (MOG(V)). As an Ex-infantier-turned-photographer I’m currently deployed on a winter tour of Afghanistan on Op Herrick 17, as the video operator for the Army Combat Camera Team (CCT), which is a three-man team consisting of a photographer, video operator … Continue reading Corporal Mike Hubbard

Lance Corporal Hylands

LCpl Hylands is currently serving with 8 Troop, 73 Armoured Engineer Squadron (AES) on Operation HERRICK 17. 73 AES deployed along with the rest of 21 Engineer Regiment as part of Task Force Helmand Engineer Group, at the beginning of September 2012 on Op HERRICK 17. 21 Engineer Regiment from Ripon, North Yorkshire is made … Continue reading Lance Corporal Hylands

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