Signaller Tonkinson

Sig Tonkinson

Sig Tonkinson

Signaller Tonkinson is a Communications Logistic Specialist (CLS) currently stationed with 1st United Kingdom Armoured Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment (1 (UK) ADSR) based in Herford, Germany. She is deployed on Op HERRICK 15 where she is employed as both a driver and crewman as part of Souter Force Protection Transport Company (SFPTC), stationed at Camp Souter in Kabul.

  • The first 72 days: Driver and crewman in Kabul 17 February, 2012 - "It was not all work we celebrated our first tour birthday by getting the birthday boy (LCpl Ben Sarafis) dressed up in a protection suit and chased by a military attack dog. Not quite the birthday present he had been hoping for but well done for being such a good sport."

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